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Participatory Knowledge in Tibet and the Himalayas / Profile


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The program advocates the radical distribution of knowledge production beyond the boundaries of the Academy. We are working with a broad spectrum of other Universities, and non-profits, to provide training to local Tibetans so they can mobilize new technologies and techniques to build knowledge about themselves, their places, traditions, and perspectives.


US filmakers involved in this project include Cecil Esquivel-Obregón of the Columbia University School of the Arts Film Division,  Nelson Walker and Lynn True of the Maysels Film Institute, and Tsering Perlo of Rabsal in Eastern Tibet. On the Tibetology side, David Germano and Tashi Rabgey of the University of Virginia are involved, as is Losang Rabgey of Machik.

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Tibetan Studies ()
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Participatory ()
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Kham (), Tibet ()

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